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Family name history: "The origin of the Irish surname Fortune and it's variants O"'Fortune, Fortin and Forty are of English origin, having been brought to Ireland by English settlers. Here the name is of nickname origin; derived from the Latin "fortuna", meaning "chance, fate, fortune" and indicating "a fortunate or lucky person". The name is however, also found in Scotland, and introduced into Ireland during the Plantation period of the 17th century. The name is an anglicized form of the Gaelic "O Fairtcheirn" and of patronymic origin, derived from a personal name meaning"overlord". This surname was brought to America by Irish immigrants in the 19th century.

Source: http://www.fortunefamily.org/fortuneallengenealogy/famheraldry.html {scroll down half way to “George’s family heraldry”}

There is a Fortune Coat of Arms, however, it is copyrighted so I can not display it here.  There is a Fortune COA you can view but this belongs to Jack Fortune and his brother, it does not apply to our Fortune ancestors.


Our Fortune family was found farming the lands of Craan, Newtownbarry, Wexford, Ireland in the mid 1860’s.  Our eldest found Fortune ancestor is Moses.  He had ten children that we know of.  Several of his children immigrated to America in the early 1900’s and settled in the state of New York.  They were found in Herkimer, Monroe, Tompkins and Kings County, New York.

This family is believed to have English origin.  Family stories that have been passed down through four generations tell us our Fortune ancestors were once land owners in England.  They were granted land in Ireland and relocated there.


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(text in blue is new family information provided by Phyllis Fortune which is still in the research stage)

  1. 1._______ Fortune md Mary (Unknown) (1775-1845)

    2.1. Moses Fortune

        3.1. Joseph Fortune (abt 1821-1895) md Winifred Hickey (abt 1819-1894)

            4.1. Mary Fortune (1851- ) md1 Michael Skelton; md2 Thomas Doyle

            4.2. Moses Fortune (abt 1853- ) md Elizabeth “Eliza” Fitzpatrick ( - )

            4.3. Joseph Fortune (1857-1932) md Mary Whelan (1869-1937)

                5.1. Joseph Walter Fortune (1904-1986) md Bridget Leavy (1911-1967)

                    6.1 John Fortune md Phyllis Campbell

            4.4. Anne Fortune (abt 1861-aft 1911)

            4.5. Thomas Fortune (1863-aft 1904)

            4.6. Elizabeth Fortune (1866- aft 1911)

        3.2. Thomas Fortune ( -bef 1897)

            4.7. Moses Fortune md Johanna Walsh

                5.2. Thomas Fortune

                5.3. Laurence Fortune

                5.4. Josey Fortune

                5.5. Mary Fortune

    2.2. Garret Fortune ( - bef 1901) md Mary (Unknown) ( - bef 1911)

        3.3. Michael Fortune ( - )

    2.3. Thomas Fortune (abt 1810-1870) md Mary Kavanagh (abt 1819-1902)

        3.4. John Fortune (-1918) md Mary (Unknown) ( -1947)

            4.8. Mary Fortune (abt 1908-1959)

            4.9. Unknown Child Fortune (bef 1911- bef 1911)

        3.5. Thomas Fortune (

        3.6. Moses Fortune (1849-1939) md Margaret Byrne (1855-1926)
            4.10. Thomas William Fortune (1878-1956) md Elizabeth Redmond (1879-1951)
                5.6. Mary Francis Fortune (1911-1978) md Lawrence Daniels (1909-1986)
                    6.2. Thomas Fortune Daniels md 1 Dianne Pelichiati; md 2 Diane Jayne
                    6.3. Nancy Daniels md Vincent Olechnowicz
                5.7. Margaret Ann Fortune (1914-1978) md Leslie A Grimmer (1913-1985)
                    6.4. John A “Jack” Grimmer md Barbara Carlson
                    6.5. Joanne T Grimmer md David Wright
                5.8. Rita H. Fortune (1916-1970) md Thomas Rockwell (1916-1992)
                    6.6. Thomas Rockwell md Sandra Rosenkrans
                    6.7. Terrence Rockwell md Vicky Navalaney
            4.11. William Fortune (1880-1955)
            4.12. John Fortune (1882- )
            4.13. Mary Margaret Fortune (1883-1967) never married
            4.14. Aiden Fortune (1887- ) md Mary Stack
            4.15. Garrett Fortune (1887- )

            4.16. Joseph Fortune (1891-1913)
            4.17. Michael Joseph Fortune (1891-1988) md Catherine (1893-1970)
                5.9. Anna M Fortune (1916-)
                5.10. Margaret E Fortune (1929-)
            4.18. Margaret “Maggie” Fortune (1893- )
            4.19. Patrick Fortune (1896-)
            4.20. James Fortune (1896-1959)