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02 Jan 1889 Alfred Luella Grimmer was born in Dolgeville, Herkimer, New York to Louis Herman Grimmer & Johanna M Poetzch

16 Feb 1892 Alfred was 3 years old living with his parents and near his Uncle Karl and his family in Manheim Twp, Dolgeville, Herkimer, New York.  His father was 26 yrs and a plumber, his mother Annie was 26 years;

  1. Alfred Grimmer, M, 3 yrs, US

On 14 Jun 1900 Alfred, age 11 yrs, is found in the 1900 Fed Census for Manheim, Dolgeville, Herkimer, NY with his family: Herman, b. Dec 1866, 33, m 14 yrs (1886), Germany, imm. 1887, Naturalized (1892), Felt Shoe Sewer (Daniel Green Shoe Factory in Dolgeville); Annie, Jan 1867, 33, 6 of 6 children living, Germany, imm. 1887; Herman, Feb 1887, 13, Germany, imm. 1887, Laborer, Shoe Factory; Alfred, Jan 1889, 11, NY, At School; Emil, Jan 1890, 10, NY, At School; Annie, Nov 1893, 6, NY, At School; Fritz, Sept 1895, 4, NY; Richard, May 1898, 2, NY.

  1. Line 90: Grimmer Alfred, Son, White, Male, Jan 1889, 11 yrs, Single, Born in New York, Parents born in Germany, At School

On 3 May 1910 Alfred, age 21 yrs, a “Laster” at the Shoe Factory,  found in the 1910 Fed Census for Manheim, Dolgeville, Herkimer, NY living with his family residing on Howard St.: Grimmer, Herman L., 46, md for 22 yrs, Edge Setter at Shoe Factory (Daniel Green), Naturalized; Anna M. 43, ; Alfred 21; Emel O. 20; Anna M. 16; Fritz 15; Richard 11; Paul 8. 

  1. Line 54: Grimmer Alfred L, Son, Male, White, 21 yrs, Single, Born in New York, Parents born in Germany, Speaks English, He is a Laster at the Shoe Factory

2 Nov 1910, Alfred married Cora L Galusha [my grt grdmthr] at the home of her parents on Snells Bush Rd, Manheim, Herkimer, NY.  Cora is the daughter of Daniel Galusha & Adella Mosher of Manheim.  [J.B. Galusha is actually Cora’s Grandfather, John Burdick Galusha]

27 Mar 1913 Their only child, a son; Leslie Alfred Grimmer was born in Dolgeville, Herkimer, NY.

5 Jun 1917 Alfred filled out a WWI Draft Registration Card.  He is residing on Lairbeison (?) St. in Dolgeville.  He states his birth date is Jan 1 1889, he is natural born, he is a Shoe Maker, 16, Daniel Green Shoe Co.  He has a wife and one child.  He is of Medium Height, Medium Build, Blue Eyes and Light Hair.

  1. Item 1: Alfred L Grimmer;

  2. Item 2: Laisberson (?) St. Little Falls, NY;

  3. Item 3: DOB Jan 1 1889;

  4. Item 4 & 5: Natural Born; in Dolgeville, NY USA;

  5. Item 7 & 8: Shoe Maker at Daniel Green Co;

  6. Item 9 & 10: Wife & one child; Married; Caucasian;

  7. Item 12: Yes; Wife  child

  8. Page 2: Item 1: Medium Height; Medium Build;

  9. Item 2: Blue Eyes; Light Hair;

  10. Item 3: No scars

On 12 Jan 1920 Alfred and Cora are residing at Spoffard Square, Dolgeville, Herkimer, NY.  He was 31 years old.  He was working at the shoe factory as an edge trimmer (Daniel Green Felt Shoe Co).  Cora L. was 28 years old and their only child (a son) Leslie A. was 6 years old.

  1. Line 20: Grimmer Alfred, Head, Renting home, Male, White, 31 yrs, Married, Can read & write, Born in New York, Parents born in Germany, Speaks English, He is an Edge Trimmer at the Shoe Factory

  2. Line 21: Grimmer Cora L, Wife, Female, White, 28 yrs, Married, Can read & write, Born in New York, Parents born in New York, Speaks English

  3. Line 22: Grimmer Leslie A, Son, Male, White, 6 yrs, Single, Attended school within the last year, Born in New York, Parents born in New York, Speaks English

Alfred was a hunter & a fisher, he would bring rabbits to the Fortune family (they were raising his Grimmer grandchildren, Jack and Joanne).

On 26 Apr 1926 Alfred held the record for catching the biggest fish in Dolgeville from the East Canada Creek, a 3 1/2 lb. German brown variety.

In 1930 The only Grimmer I found in the Federal Census for Little Falls or Dolgeville, Herkimer, NY was their daughter Anna (Grimmer) Riehl & Family residing in Spoffard Square in Dolgeville.  I have gone through every census record for these locations, page by page, and could not find them.

Saturday, 31 May 1931:

7 Nov 1935, Alfred and Cora celebrated there 25th wedding anniversary with family and friends at the Cottage hotel.  [now it is called Arthur’s Cottage Hotel on Main Street in Dolgeville]

In 1942 Alfred and Cora were found in the Steber's Little Falls and Dolgeville (Herkimer County, N. Y.) City Directory, page 209, living at 8 1/2 Spencer Street in Dolgeville.  Alfred was an inspector at Remington Arms in Ilion and their son Leslie was a “sciver” at Daniel Green Co in Dolgeville.

  1. Grimmer Alf L (Cora L) Insp Remington Arms Co Inc (Ilion) h 8 1/2 Spencer

  2. --Leslie A seiver Daniel Green Co r 8 1/2 Spencer

Also in 1942 Alfred is found in another of Steber’s Little Falls and Dolgeville, NY Directory, p 242 living near his brother-in-law’s Claude B Galusha and Wm A Riehl.

  1. 8 1/2 Grimmer Alfred L 2

  2. 10 Galusha Claude B 3 [Cora’s brother]

  3. 12 Galusha Albert D 3 [Cora’s cousin]

  4. 40 Tucker Leonard L 4 [Leslie Grimmer’s best man]

  5. 46 Youker Clifford H 2 [Cora’s cousin]

  6. 8 (Spoffard av) Riehl Wm A 6 [Alfred’s brother-in-law]

Alfred and Cora lived in an upstairs apartment on a side street (Spencer) in Dolgeville. Their apartment was nicely decorated, fine furniture. “Grandma Co” (Cora) was a warm & kind woman, everyone loved her. 

The Passing of a Loved One...

Cora passed away on 27 May 1943 at the Little Falls Hospital.  She is buried in the Ingham Mills Cemetery. 

Cora was born and raised in the Town of Manheim to Daniel and Adella (Mosher) Galusha.

Cora worked for many years at Daniel Green Shoe Factory.  Her last place of employment was the Eastern Footwear Corp.

3 Dec 1946, Alfred is employed as a janitor.  He moved into a second floor apartment above the Rebekah Lodge.

Alfred gave his granddaughter, Joanne, two statues from Daniel Greens, one with dark hair and the other with blonde hair.  We have no idea what happened to the dark haired statue.  I was told these statues were displayed in the front lobby of the Daniel Green Felt Shoe Factory circa 1940’s, they were showing off their shoes by slightly lifting their dresses.  Pictured here is the blonde “Lady” who is at least 80 years old and in fairly good condition.

The Passing of a Loved One...

After Cora passed away Alfred became very very depressed.  He shot himself in the head on 18 Jan 1950 with his own shot gun.  Alfred is buried with his wife Cora in the Ingham Mills (now Rural Park) Cemetery in the Town of Manheim, Herkimer, New York.


Alfred Luella Grimmer [my great grandfather]

Birth: 02 Jan 1889 in Dolgeville, Herkimer, New York

Death: 18 Jan 1950 in Dolgeville, Herkimer, New York



Cora L Galusha - (1867-1920) married 02 Nov 1910 in Snells Bush, Manheim, Herkimer, New York.


  1. 1.Leslie Alfred Grimmer (1913-1985)


L Herman Grimmer & Johanna M Poetzch

    (1866-1928)                   (1867-1920)


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