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Sarah is almost 4 years old now and just loving life.  She has many nieces, cousins and friends that make her smile and enjoy life all the more!

It is really hard for my husband and I not to spoil her and raise her the best we can.  The one thing we should have never allowed her to watch television (which I told my husband we were not going to do before she was born). 

She thinks she is a princess!  When she sees a little boy she calls him her handsome prince.  It is cute in a way but I try to explain to her that it is only on television and that it is not real.  I don’t want her to grow up believing in “happily ever afters” and getting her heart broken!

It is a little difficult explaining stuff like that to a three year old but she actually understands and comprehends so much it blows us away!

Enough doting already!  Right!  I am getting on with it...For me, Sarah is the youngest of three children and number one child for my husband.  It was like starting parenthood for the first time, but at the age of 43. 

Sarah has a big sister Megan (Sissy) and big brother Nathan (Broder Nafen).  They have given me three precious granddaughters and one more on the way.

**My fourth granddaughter arrived December 20, 2011 (a couple weeks early).  Weighing in at 6obs, 7oz.  She is gorgeous, healthy, and already has everyone wrapped!!


Our Family Photos - my favorite photos of the kids through the years,  our home & gardens

Sarah’s Photo Albums -photos of our youngest daughter Sarah,  our grand daughters Adriell, Kylie & Chloie Marie, & Sarah’s cousins Annie, Chase, Leo, & Kaylin, Jordan, Jadelyn & Jazlyn

About “Jo” From Jo’s Family Genealogy

Hi, I’m Jo from Jo’s Family Genealogy.  I was born & raised in Herkimer County, NY until the age of 13 when my parents settled on a huge farm, owned by my uncle, located in Berkeley County, West Virginia. I worked for my brother (who owned a huge company) for several years. I worked in Quality for several Aviation Companies assisting in certificating Aircraft before I became one of the  Program Managers for the Completions Department at Keystone Helicopter/Sikorsky Global Helicopter in Coatsville, PA, right outside Philadelphia. It was the most challenging and exciting positions I have ever held, I loved it.  I hated to leave but it was for a good cause...my baby girl.  My husband and I had a little girl, Sarah Elizabeth in 2008.  She is our pride and joy.    Now I am a stay at home mom  raising our little girl, remodeling our home and researching our ancestors as much as I can.

My Families Favorites:

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

My husband is a workaholic.   He has put so much into our home and yard.  He has already had one hernia surgery, I think he’s on the verge of another one.  He doesn’t stop!  He is so good to us, husband, father, and provider.  He drives 93 miles to and from work, with little complaint.  When he gets home he takes Sarah and lets me have a break and sometimes cooks dinner.  What a good man!!  He also takes care of the cats!

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