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  1. 1.Jo Ann Wright-Handzel,, creator of, 1998.  Granddaughter of Glenn Wright and Tessa Kraszewski; Margaret Fortune and Leslie Grimmer.

  2. 2.Joanne (Grimmer) Wright, Granddaughter of Thomas Fortune and Elizabeth Redmond; Alfred Grimmer and Cora Galusha; shared family information & memorabilia for the Wright, Grimmer, Fortune, Redmond & Kraszewski families, 1998.

  3. 3.Margaret (Wright Mathews) Kornitas & daughter Sharon, Granddaughter of John Wright and Grace Parkhurst; John Kraszewski and Michalyna Tyszka; shared family information & memorabilia for the Wright, Kraszewski, Mathews, & Kornitas families, 1998.

  4. 4.Jack & Barbara (Carlson) Grimmer, Grandson of Alfred Grimmer and Cora Galusha; Thomas Fortune and Elizabeth Redmond; shared family information & memorabilia for the Grimmer, Fortune & Redmond families, 2001.

  5. 5.Rose (Perrone) & Walter Kraszewski, Son & D-I-L of John Kraszewski and Michalyna Tyszka; shared information for the Kraszewski & Mathews families, 2000-2001.

  6. 6.Marie (Southall) Adams, Granddaughter of Catherine Redmond and Peter Doyle; Great granddaughter of Lawrence Redmond and Mary O’Brien; shared information & family photos for the Redmond, O’Brien & Doyle families, 2001, 2011.

  7. 7.Susan (Rockwell) Lawton, Granddaughter of Rita Fortune and Thomas Rockwell; Great granddaughter of Thomas Fortune and Elizabeth Redmond; shared information & family photos for the Fortune, Redmond & Rockwell families, 2001.

  8. 8.Peter Parkhurst, of Parkhurst Increasing, shared the genealogy of George Parkhurst, of England to New England to NY, 2001.

  9. 9.The Family of Joseph & Irene (Takach) Handzel, for sharing the genealogy & family photos of the Handzel, Zajac, Takach & Vargo families, 2002.

  10. 10.Richard Sczepanion, sharing Handzel & Sczeponian family information, 2004.

  11. 11. Barbara (Kraszewski) Voelkle, Granddaughter of John Kraszewski & Michalyna Tyszka; sharing Kraszewski family information & photos, 2009, 2011.

  12. 12. Amy Kraszewski, Great Granddaughter of John Kraszewski & Michalyna Tyszka; sharing Kraszewski family information, 2010.

  13. 13. Patty Mosher Schmidt, sharing Mosher family photos of Abram Justice Mosher, wife Elizabeth Tadder & Family, Nov 2010.

  14. 14. Arly LaFehr, sharing photos of Wright descendants: DC Wright and wife Ethel Bonney & Family, Feb 2011.

  15. 15. June (Pohlman) Chan & Family, sharing Grimmer & Riehl family information & photos, Mar 2011. Pohlman-Riehl Family.

  16. 16. Evelyn Riehl, D-I-L of William Rhiel and Anna Grimmer; sharing Grimmer family information & photos, Apr 2011.

  17. 17. Ed Wright, Grandson of John Wright and Grace Parkhurst; sharing Wright family information & family photos, Apr 2011.

  18. 18. Stephanie Wright Freese, Granddaughter of Glenn Wright; sharing Wright family information & family photos, Apr 2011.

  19. 19. Phyllis Fortune, Wife of 2nd Great Grandson of Thomas Fortune1; shared Fortune family information & family photos, Apr 2011 to present.

  20. 20. Monica Healey, Granddaughter of Anna Mary Redmond and Humphrey Callahan;  shared Redmond family information, Nov 2011.

  21. 21. Barbara Underwood, Granddaughter of Lillian Belle Bunn and Homer Edward Dennison; Great Granddaughter of Delos Alonzo Bunn & Pheobe Jane Grant; sharing Bunn & Grant family information, Dec 2011.

  22. 22. Mark Snyder, Great Grandson of Arminda Wright and Cassius North Snyder; shared family photos and family information, Mar 2012.

Have your name inscribed on Jo’s Family Genealogy “Descendants
Wall of Honor” for sharing family history or just by being a descendant of the Ancestors found here.  Be proud of who you are and the ancestors from whom you descend.  This wall is a way for us to to take the opportunity to show our appreciation for all the hard work & research you have accomplished on researching your ancestry & your opportunity to show how proud you are to be their descendant.  Send us an email with the subject line “Descendant Wall of Honor” and include the information you would like to have posted here. 

I have taken the liberty of posting the family members who have provided family information in the past to show how thankful I am.  If you do see your name here and want it removed please notify me right away and your name will be removed immediately.

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  1. Allen / Swift

  2. Audley / Odlin /Odin

  3. Brown / Browne / Brownell / Browning

  4. Bunn / Bloomfield / Webb

  5. Crandall

  6. Davol / Devol / Deuel / Deuell

  7. Fortune  / Byrne

  8. Galusha

  9. Getchell / Jones

  10. Grimmer  / Poetzch

  11. Hadcock / Rau

  12. Kraszewski / Tyszka / Predweck

  13. Mosher / Moger / Rich /Roberts

  14. Parkhurst / Leete / Butterfield / Arnold / Browne / Garfield / Merry

  15. Redmond / O’Brien

  16. Reit / Wright

  17. Wagner / Waggoner

  18. Whitcomb / Houghton

  19. Whitney

  20. Wright / Reit

  21. Youker

  22. Young

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