Wright /Reit Family Tree

About 1712 Isaac Reit was presumably born about this time in Pennsylvania.  His date of birth and place of birth has not been confirmed to date. Some descendants have him being born in Germany and some have him being born in Montgomery County, NY.  Myself, I have not confirmed this as of yet but the closest record I have found was from Scott Bauer in his posted query in 1999 regarding Isaac Reit in “Brunswick Township, in Schuylkill Co.Pennsylvania 1778 --identified as 1779 in Publications of the Pennsylvania Archives. Also listed next to his name is Leonard and Thomas Reit. Isaac moved to New York State and MArried Ottilia " Delia " Wagner. He was born in 1712.”

Mar 1752 Isaac married Ottilia “Delia” Wagner in Palatine, Montgomery, New York; daughter of Johan Peter Wagner and Maria Margaretha Laucs .  Isaac was one of three husbands of Ottilia’s. “OTTILIA WAGNER married (1) before 1745 JOHANN JOST HAUS (2) before 1753 ISAAC REIT, whose children were known as WRIGHT (3) after 1756 FREDERICK PLANK”

2 June 1753 (“MDCCLIII d. 2 Jun.”) son Johannes Reit was born/baptised to “Isaac Reit uxor Utilia Reitin gebohrne Wagnerin” recorded at the Lutheran Trinity Church of Stone Arabia, Town of Palatine, Montgomery, New York.  Witnessed by Hannes Frey and Margaretha Tillenbachin [Ottllia’s sister Margaretha ?].

29 Jul 1755 (“MDCCLV d 29 Jul”) son Jacob Reit was born/baptized to “Isaac Reit c. ux Utilia” recorded at the Lutheran Trinity Church of Stone Arabia, town of Palatine, Montgomery, New York.  Witnessed by Jacob Glock [Clock].

  1. Isaac was found in Brunswick Township, Schuykill, Pennsylvania in 1778 with a Leonard and Thomas Reit.  “Isaac moved to New York State and married Ottilia “Delia” Wagner.”  I also found his son Johannes Reit in Montgomery County, PA when he married Susanna Cramer and then in Bucks County, PA in 1791 and 1795 when his children were born and baptized.

(New) 1779 Isaac was found on the Tax and Exonoration List for Brunswick, Berks County, Pennsylvania in 1779.  A Thomas Reit is also on this list (he could be a brother).  Isaac is listed as having 150 Acres of Land and his tax is 300 (do not know if the monetary value here is in pounds - will have to research it further).

Upon finding this tax record I now can place Isaac in Pennsylvania and it backs up my theory about him being in Bucks or Berks County, PA.  Also, Isaac and Utilia’s marriage ended sometime before 1767 when she remarried to Frederick Plank; so Isaac must have gone to PA at this time, taking with him his son Johannes.  This would explain why I found so much information on Johannes in PA.

Isaac Reit [6th great grandfather]

Birth: about 1712

Death: after 1779 in Pennsylvania (New)

Ottilia “Delia” Wagner - ( 1716-1804 ) married Mar 1752 in Palatine, Montgomery, New York.

  1. 1. Johannes Reit (1753- )

  2. 2. Jacob Wright Reit (1755-1811)


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